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Library of DDR researchers and trainers

In an ambition to increase the coordination and exchanges between research, policy, training, and practice in the field of DDR, the IDDRTG has generated a Library of DDR Researchers and Trainers. By providing a platform for colleagues within and outside the field of DDR to identify and reach out to relevant researchers and trainers within, the IDDRTG hope to contribute to a strengthened integration of DDR research in policymaking, training courses and practice, as well as facilitate the delivery of DDR courses or other targeted capacity building activities.

Kindly browse among the Library’s profiles, and use the filters or free search box below to search for experts based on criteria such as geographic focus, thematic expertise and language proficiencies. Organizations, institutions, and individuals in need of specific academic or practical DDR expertise (i.e. for the development or the delivery of training, workshops, or events) are welcome to contact the experts in the Library directly, using the available contact details.

Would you like to be a part of the IDDRTG Library of DDR Researchers and Trainers? Or do you have any questions about the project?
Contact ddr@fba.se.