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FBA’s online course on Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration of former combatants (DDR)

September 6, 2021 at 08:00 - October 8, 2021 at 17:00

September 6 at 08:00 October 8 at 17:00

Following violent conflict or serious political and social crisis, a successful post-conflict transition is key in the peacebuilding and reconciliation process. Within this post-conflict transition, the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of former combatants (DDR) is instrumental, seeking to increase security levels locally and nationally, but also enabling those associated with armed groups to (re)join mainstream society following the end of conflict. 

Contemporary challenges and developments within the field have challenged the traditional use of DDR as a post-confllict tool. Responding to these challenges, the United Nations Inter-Agency Working Group on DDR has initiated a revision of the Integrated DDR Standards (IDDRS) for the standards to better suit contemporary challenges of peacebuilding environments. In light of this revision, the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) revised its global course on DDR, which was re-launched in November 2019 in Stockholm. A second round of the course will be completed in a virtual format between September 6th and October 8th 2021. 

The course aims at deepening participants’ understanding and knowledge of the role of integrated DDR processes and related interventions during post-conflict transitions and peacebuilding and stabilization initiatives during ongoing conflict. After completing the course, the participants are expected to be able to:

• Analyse the differences between national DDR initiatives and UN-led integrated DDR processes
• Explain key components and activities of an integrated DDR process
• Connect and distinguish integrated DDR processes to other peacebuilding, or stabilization, interventions
• Discuss, apply and combine different elements of integrated DDR processes to differing conflict- and post-conflict settings
• Assess the different needs and opportunities of men, women, boys and girls as participants and beneficiaries of integrated DDR processes
• Plan and asses a context specific, differentiated and evidence based integrated DDR process

During this 5 week-long course, the participants will explore the concept of DDR and gain a deeper understanding of its role within the international peacebuilding architecture. Furthermore, the course will cover a number of DDR-related tools and tangent thematic areas. The course is made up of five consecutive modules:

  1. Introducing the course and to integrated DDR processes
  2. Concepts, policy and strategy of DDR
  3. Integrated DDR processes: Security arrangements, disarmament and demobilization
  4. Integrated DDR processes: Reintegration and cross-cutting issues
  5. Linking DDR to other processes of peace and security

The course adopts an interactive, learner-centered pedagogical approach combining pre-recorded and live presentations, discussions, group work and scenario-based exercises, all via a virtual format. Individual and group-based reflections are incorporated to support knowledge sharing and promote the learning experience. With facilitators and participants of multiple professional and geographic backgrounds, this course offers a dynamic and synergetic learning environment with extensive networking and peer-learning opportunities.

The course consists of virtual live sessions via Zoom, stretching over a total of five weeks, from the 6th of September to the 8th of October. Additionally, the course contains self-paced studies, including readings, pre-recorded videos and individual assignments, between the live sessions. Each course week contains 2-3 live sessions, of 2-3 hours each, taking place in the afternoon (CEST/UTC+2) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Availability to participate in the live sessions is a requirement for acceptance to the course. In addition to the live session each course week contains up to 5 hours of self-paced studies. Subsequently, participants are expected to devote a total of approximately 10 hours per week during a seven-week long period, in order to fully benefit from the course content and to receive a course certificate at course closure.

Given the virtual format of the course, responsibility for keeping up with the course and going through the course materials will lie on the individual course participant. In order to be able to take part in this training, applicants need to have access to a computer/tablet with a working microphone and camera, a stable internet connection, as well as have their employers/supervisors commitment to their attendance of the course and understanding that time must be allocated under office hours. Fluency in English is a requirement as the course is conducted in English.

The participants are expected to have an intermediate knowledge of peacebuilding mechanisms and/or structures, dynamics of internal armed conflicts, and a need or strong interest to learn about DDR. Invited participants are civil servants, diplomats, police, military personnel, academics and representatives from international and non-governmental organizations. FBA strives to have a gender balanced participation as well as participants with a mix of institutional and geographic backgrounds and experiences. Participants will be selected by means of professional background and personal motivation in order to create a dynamic and interactive group. Additionally, in order to fully assimilate the contents of the course, participants are expected to actively engage with trainers, the course material, and with other participants, devoting their attention to the course for these 5 weeks, especially during the live sessions taking place each week.

The course will take place virtually between September 6th and October 8th and has a fee of 5000 SEK (or 500 EURO), which covers tuition and administrative costs. A limited number of scholarships can – in exceptional cases – be offered, covering parts of these expenses, for qualified participants who otherwise would not be able to attend. If you are interested, please indicate this on your application form, including a motivation statement.

Applicants are welcome to submit their application until August 6th 2021. As we normally receive a high number of applications, we encourage applicants to carefully explain their professional experience and motivation for applying to the course. In addition, CVs are welcome. Please note that applicants must confirm their place in the training upon receiving an acceptance letter, before final acceptance.

Applicants are kindly requested to use the online application form.

For further information please refer to https://fba.se/en/how-we-work/courses/upcoming-courses/ or contact FBA’s DDR Course Administration: ddr@fba.se.

€500 Course fee


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