Sanne Weber

Dr. Sanne Weber is a research fellow at the International Development Department (University of Birmingham) and a senior programme manager at Impunity Watch. Sanne’s research explores how conflict affects gender relations.

She is interested in understanding whether and how post-conflict justice and reconstruction mechanisms are capable of transforming gendered and other structural inequalities, engaging with the connections between conflict, development and social justice. Within this process, she is particularly interested in what ‘gendered’ peace and reconciliation mean for the people affected by conflict and how peace and reconciliation mechanisms can better respond to the needs and demands of conflict survivors, and to the transformation of structural inequalities.

Her research has focused mainly on Latin America, studying the gendered dynamics of land restitution and reparation in Colombia, and the gendered dynamics of the reintegration of armed groups in Colombia and Guatemala. Sanne uses ethnographic, participatory and creative research methods to understand the lived experiences of those affected by conflict, and explore how transitional justice can better respond to their needs.

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