Kim Liah

Kim Liah brings 18 years of experience in child protection, youth and adolescents, DDR, MHPSS and legal support.

He is an expert in child protection in emergencies (focusing on establishing interim care centres for Unaccompanied and separated children (UASC), family tracing and reunification (FTR), Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services (MHPSS), case management and referrals, advocacy and awareness) and children affected by armed conflict, including children associated with armed groups and their reintegration and rehabilitation into their communities. He has been working in both IDPs and refugee camps.

He served in UNICEF, UNHCR, NRC and other international organizations focusing on children affected by armed conflict in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan, Lebanon, Iraq and the State of Palestine/Israel. He supported government counterparts by building their social work and social services capacity, including the Ministries of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Youth and sport.

He also supported the DDR Commission in Southern Sudan by releasing children in the armed forces. Engaged with the government and rebel groups to sign an action plan on committing to the release of children. In addition, he provided support by capacitating NGOs and international organizations on Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS) to ensure data are kept safe.

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