Mustapha Al-Hassan

Mustapha Alhassan is a development public service practitioner. He has a broad, cross cutting and interdisciplinary career. As Programme Manager at Neem Foundation, he oversees a $4million dollar portfoliovleading global crisis response and peacebuilding efforts around Nigeriathe Lake Chad Basin and other parts of Africa

Boasting of nearly 8 years’ experience in the relevant field, Mustapha is versed in policy development, strategy conception, and execution. In his position as Programme Manager at Neem Foundation, Mustapha oversees the design and implementation of programmes that link governance, conflict prevention, and peacebuilding to address development deficits. He has undertaken assignments working with the United Nations and the African Union in different capacities to design and execute programmes targeted at providing sustainable change and development across Africa and the Middle East.

Mustapha is a UNDP global expert on peacebuilding and conflict prevention, a research advisory board member of the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) in action for quality education, a member of the Abuja Hub of the Global Shaper Community – an initiative of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and a 2022 Acumen West Africa Fellow. His concern for the under-development and lapses in institutional structures that address the socio-econmic impacts of insurgency in the North-East, has fuelled his commitment and contribution. Mustapha has developed and executed programmes and policies that support reintegration, rehabilitation, peaceful co-existence and social cohesion in communities affected by violence. Such programmes and policies strategically link governance, conflict prevention and peace building to address development deficits resulting from marginalization, mismanagement of public resources, social exclusion and weak sense of national identity.

 He also has a keen interest in the transformation of the education system in Nigeria per his interdisciplinary nature. Through the creation of a less conventional syllabus, which fosters inclusivity, creativity, and critical thinking, and has a child-centred approach that improves social and emotional learning and provides psychological services to over 100 girls who are victims of the Insurgency in Nigeria.

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