Irma Specht

Irma is an anthropologist with 25 years’ experience in transition programming from conflict to peace.

She has an international reputation in the field of socio-economic reintegration of adults and children formally associated with armed groups, veterans, youth employment, gender, prevention of violent extremism and community-based reintegration and security programming. Seven years of field and headquarter experience in the ILO Programme on Crisis Response and Reconstruction has provided her with expertise on employment issues and economic reintegration. She brings solid expertise in policy, strategy and programme design (including TOCs), evaluations and applied research in DDR, CVR Release and Reintegration of CAFAAG and related fields.

Her record as a researcher and writer might is illustrated in her long publications list, and Irma is known for her ability to translate research findings in the actionable recommendations and programming.

Further, Irma has extensive experience in training, facilitation and design of tailor-made training courses and materials. She worked in most conflict affected countries around the world, and is the managing director of the international consultancy firm Transition International.

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