Kirindi Odindo

Kirindi Odindo is a Consultant, coach, trainer and facilitator with over 20 years’ experience in integrating Mental Health and Psychosocial Support and organizational development within the humanitarian, development and peace support and peacebuilding sectors for both individuals, groups and systems.

Her Peace and Security expertise is anchored in Reintegration, Gender & Gender Based Violence as well as a Crisis, Mediation & Conflict Transformation Practitioner in varied local community, public and private sector contexts.

A Founder of the PEACE Together Initiative – she scales community activism in social impact and social justice through social innovation and youth leadership, Mentorship and Development that centers on Transition and Change management; Wellbeing Integration, resilience building and sustainability. Her interests in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Decolonization, Stigma & Discrimination have focused on acquisition of Cultural Competencies and Socio-Emotional Learning for peace enhancement.

Her passion is in thought leadership, coaching, mentoring and training that conceptualizes peace and security away from external structural references towards the development of peace socialization and empowerment through a culture of children and youth engagement.

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